Morning sex….the difference between a GOOD day and a GREAT day.

One of the main differences between men and women is that men enjoy morning sex while women prefer to keep their bedroom shenanigans a time nighttime activity. A lot of the reason men tend to want to stick it to you in the morning has to do with¬†nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT. It is the reason they wake up with morning wood. That glorious “Good Morning!” usually aimed right at your lower back LOL. Men get anywhere from 3 to 5 erections a night…..lucky ducks. So when they wake up, they are usually rearing to go. Most women that I have spoken to including many of my girlfriends do not like morning sex. Something about morning breathe and not feeling sexy. I call bullshit! Get over it girls! Are you kidding me??? They have already been in you, probably seen you hungover and if there have been some crazy nights maybe even make an ass of yourself. The last thing they are thinking about in the morning is your breathe, they are more concerned with their rock hard dick and what it would feel like in a warm, wet, tight you.

Start your day off the right way, with a BANG

Go ahead, release those endorphins! I know you have heard it before but ill tell you again. Sex is equivalent to running several miles and with any sexual experience, like exercise, there is the release of endorphins (our bodies natural opiate). Along with improved cholesterol and circulation, the natural opiate released is also a pain reliever as well as a happy high. The endorphin release that comes from sex causes euphoria. Think about it…..not only are you getting your morning cardio in but you are getting naturally high! Most personal trainers will tell you to work out early in the morning before work to get your day started the right way. If you don’t want to go to the gym, why not start off with a little morning sex cardio instead.

Big Spoon Little Spoon

This is the best position possible for morning sex. It is the one position that allows you to avoid things like, morning breathe, disheveled hair, pillow lines in the face and some possible drool crust on the face LOL. Spooning her from behind is sensual and yummy and if you are lucky it still feels like you are dreaming a little bit. That being said guys don’t just shove it in assuming that we, like you, are rearing to go first thing in the AM. You are probably going to have to persuade our lady parts a little bit. Some light touching and kissing her neck will do the trick. Give it a minute and you will be able to slide right in.

Keep it simple ladies and gents. Morning sex is good for you. With all of the shopping at Whole Food’s and Trader Joe’s, going to the gym, doing body cleanses, and ultimately trying to be as healthy as possible, why not combine fun and healthy and fuck as often as possible???¬†





These undies always make me feel innocent and sexy at the same time