Cold hearted?

I’m not cold hearted I’m just over it! I love it when guys think that their dick has some magical power over a girl. Mind you yes there are some girls who give women a bad reputation for attaching to every man they sleep with, but I ain’t the one.

I was seeing a guy recently who was under this same sad misinformed impression. We hung out for about a month when I realized a couple of things actually.

First I realized that due to starting a new job I had absolutely no time for my self let alone him.

Secondly I started to think to myself that aside from really good sex we had very little in common. I pondered like most women do, “do I really want a relationship with this guy?” I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t. I didn’t have feelings for him, I was merely attracted to his personality. There is a huge difference but because some women are lonely they refuse to act smart instead of forcing themselves to fall hard.

3rd on my list of mini realizations was that the kid really didn’t like me all that much either. It’s no big deal, I don’t take it personally because not everyone is going to be a match.

So I hit him up after a couple days of not talking and said, “listen we aren’t on the same page with the things we want and quite honestly if you really wanted something with me you would hit me up to hang out so why don’t we just go our separate ways.” He didn’t take that well at all! He proceeded to berate me, calling me names and telling me to, “stay off his line and delete his fucking number.” LOL I haven’t had a response like that from a man ever in my life. Which is understandable because he is a boy of 25. Me calling him a man was far to generous a title. By the way I had to ask what, “stay off my line” meant. LOL Who the fuck knew? Well needless to say I told him he has the right to his feelings and I’m sorry that I upset him. I ended the conversation with telling him to have a nice night. The conversation consisted of much more name calling and cussing from him but it isn’t really necessary to give a play by play of his stupidity.

So, guess who received a 5am text message apologizing for “flashing” on me. (Again with the slang that just makes him sound dumb.) he asked if we we were cool and and I said yes. I didn’t realize by saying yes that he would take that as we can still fuck. My bad LOL Apparently we were speaking two VERY different languages. When I said we were cool, what I meant was that I don’t have the time or energy to hate him. Nor do I care to so if we are ever around each other we can be cordial.

Over the next 2 weeks I received numerous late night back to back drunk texts and calls. And when I say back to back I mean 6 fucking phone calls in a row followed by 5 texts telling me to fuck off for not answering the phone. That shit just got ridiculous after a while. I finally lost my cool the other night at Tao and calmly explained to him that I’m sorry if he was under the false impression that I wanted to continue having sex with him but that was NOT the case. Can you guess what happened next? Names like “fucking whore” and “silly bitch” were thrown around. I mean I couldn’t help but laugh at the entire tantrum. Make no mistake, that’s exactly what he was doing. Throwing a fucking tantrum like a toddler. My words verbatim were, “I am tired of putting up with your fits. Do not contact me again.” What the hell else was I supposed to do? The poor guy was probably embarrassed as hell the next day and if he wasn’t be sure as hell should have been.

Final thought: The second a guy shows you their “crazy” you show them the door.



Don’t be “That girl”

So I have this friend, we will call her Jamie. Jamie is, smart, free spirited, highly motivated, highly sexual, and what I would consider the ultimate independent woman. She has the same attention span I do when it comes to men. The most recent interaction has led me to create this blog entry.

About a week ago a friend of a friend of hers was in town. Jamie being the girl she is, naturally social, became instant tour guide and hang out buddy. Out of the 10 days he was here, all of them were spent with her and 9 out of 10 were in her bed. They ate together, they drank together, they fucked like rabbits, he professed to her how amazing she was and in the end she sent him home with a smile on his face and a crazy plan to move to be near her. (She is that good lol) Now mind you this entire time she was under the impression that he was uninvolved. When he got home he told her about professing to his “roommate” how amazing she was, and his “roommate” flipped out on him. Jamie thought nothing of it because he made it seem as if this “roommate” was just a friend (ironically sharing her name, Jamie) whom he had no idea had feelings for him. This was however a horribly crafted lie on his part and Jamie would soon learn the truth in the form of a 3am text message from an unknown number. The other Jamie in this guys life, the “roommate,” was in fact not a roommate at all! She was his girlfriend!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!? This girl did the ultimate dumb ass move. She texts my friend to find out who she is and what the real story is. How did she get my friends number you ask? Well if it isn’t obvious yet, she went through her boyfriends phone. The issue here isn’t whether she went through his phone, but the fact that she went on to further embarrass herself by contacting my friend to find out details. This dumbass dude didn’t even have the common liar/cheater skills to delete texts like most guys do. So she read everything. Now mind you they are pretty graphic texts so him changing the name in his phone to “John” didn’t exactly do him any good. So now not only is he a cheater but a fucking idiot as well. And his girlfriend should not only be embarrassed that she continues to be with someone who cheats on her but that she contacts the girl to tell her to “leave him alone.” This is to be a joke! And this is where my previously stated title comes in, “Don’t be That Girl.”

Ladies if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times. HAVE SOME FUCKING PRIDE!!!!!! There should never be a point in your life as an adult woman that you go after a girl over a guy. It makes you look pathetic, weak and unnatractive. You should be embarrassed! In fact I know I said adult woman, but even I have not ever gone after a girl as a teenager over a guy. If there has been one upside to my immense sense of pride, that would be it. Fighting over a guy who cheats on you is like getting into a wrestling match in a kiddy pool of steaming hot dog shit. You may win the fight……but ur covered in DOG SHIT! Seriously……..THINK ABOUT IT.