“Just Put It In My Mouth!”……….Then Kiss Me Baby!


A friend of mine said it perfectly! “Men if your not willing to kiss a girl after having your dick sucked, then be prepared to not have your dick sucked!” This topic goes both ways, however I find that women are less squeamish than men when it comes to kissing after oral sex. It amazes me how men are so eager for you to suck their dick but refuse to kiss you afterwards. I almost understand the psychology behind kissing her after you have cum in her mouth….almost. There is the fact that your juice has sperm in it, which is not the same as a girl and then there is the fear that she might snowball you, but to simply not kiss because her mouth, “tastes like dick” well that’s just fucking stupid. I mean seriously you think we like that taste of our juices in our mouth? Women tend to go with the flow with more ease than men do in cases such as these though. What do you think it says to us when you can’t handle the taste of your own dick? That’s really encouraging! Hold on you are freaked out by the possible taste of your dick, well let me try it out then.

I recently posed this very question to some people and the response was explosive! (No pun intended) I asked people’s thoughts about kissing after oral sex and as I predicted most answers were on point. There were some exceptions and to those men I commend you. Women answered like I thought they would. Of all of the ones who responded, none of them professed a disgust for kissing a guy after he has been face deep between her legs. However for the most part the men that answered explained their utter disgust in kissing a girl after putting his dick in her mouth. There were a proud few however that answered as most women would prefer they do. They said that in the heat of the moment anything goes and that if you have to think about it then you aren’t doing it right. Short of still having his cum in her mouth they would kiss no problem. GOOD MEN!!!!!! Here is the bottom line men, if you wouldn’t have the taste of you in your mouth then why the fuck would we?