Sweet Dee

Who is Sweet Dee???

Well I can thank my old friend Eddie for that nickname. It came up during a normal day of shit talking back and forth and it just kind of stuck. I was that girl amongst a group of “scumbags” whom always took their shit and gave it back in spades. Yes just like the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. But that’s always been me, blunt, rebellious, honest, provocative and a little bit wild to say the least. Ever since the day my mother received a phone call from my principal that she would need to leave work and come pick me up because I made my kindergarten teacher cry. Apparently I have always been difficult.

My interest with sex and people came pretty early but I didn’t loose my virginity until I was 16 years old; I had sex in the bed of a truck in the desert. It wasn’t anything grand, in fact I barely remember it. I used to drink a lot, LOL. I just wanted to get it over with already, I wanted to no longer be the prude that all my friends thought I was. Then afterwords I decided that “little dick doesn’t count.” When you are a virgin and the dick inside you feels like a finger……it just doesn’t count. LOL  So in my mind my first time was when I was 18. My first boyfriend and my first traumatizing puppy love. After a month of official “BF/GF” status it was over. The relationship dragged on forever but the status was gone and thus giving me a dose of what my next 9 years would look like for the most part. I would have a lot of open relationships after that. What can I say I get bored easily. Its probably why I am the last girl standing. All of my friends and even my sister have kids, are either married or have a boyfriend. NOT ME! Instead I chose to see the world, live in a ton of different countries and states, explore my sexual side, push the boundaries of legal vs. illegal and challenge societies ideas on what is moral or acceptable. I was on the internet, just perusing and I came across a question, “Do you know where the wild things go?” My answer……..”Ill let you know when I get there.”

So why this blog?

There have always been a few things that I know I am great at. First and foremost I have forever had a way with words. I can articulate like nobody’s business and Im always saying the things that most people only think. Now I know what you are thinking, “Everyone says that.” Well as you get to reading you will realize that I really do! Im almost always inappropriate and maybe thats the reason most people find me funny. I am willing to say the things that people think in such an honest, no bullshit way,  that you cant help but laugh, or be offended but either way you are paying attention. I have also, since I can remember, had an obsession with sex and the connectivity between people. What makes most tick? What makes someone attracted to another person? What are the rules of interaction? How do you maintain who you are while also compromising in order to have a functional relationship with another? I attribute my lack of knowledge to not having an example growing up of what a relationship looks like unfortunately. But thankfully for my drug addict father and my amazing single mother, all roads in my life have led me to who I am today, and this is my blog. Enjoy what you read or don’t, either way ur reading so thanx!



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