Would You Like Something To Drink? You look THIRSTY……..


Men and women alike both suffer from “the thirst” so don’t take this personally and if you do then maybe you are one of the aforementioned persons. I am delving into this topic because I have seen it run ramped as of late and find that I need to address it. There is a difference between interest and desperation and when you have crossed the line into desperation you are officially thirsty!

I have dealt with this many times in my life but since moving to Las Vegas I feel like I come across it much more. It’s a trip because you would think in a town full of sex and beautiful people, everyone would get their fill. Apparently that is not the case! In a previous blog I wrote about a girl who is essentially in love with whatever guy pays her attention. THAT IS THIRSTY! Now it works the opposite way as well. When a guy (no matter how much money he has) hits you up a million times a day only to receive one response back but still keeps going, THAT IS THIRSTY! I’ll give you 2 examples………..

Mr. Money-bags:

He texts, he calls, he Facebook messages, he comments on Instagram. He is two seconds away from a fucking restraining order. He is an ex athlete and current business man out of San Diego who I met while he was in Vegas. He drives a Bentley and has money to blow. You would think that all of this would be selling points for him right? Not so much. Between contacting me through the different social media outlets and then through texts and calls, I practically need to shower the stench of HIS desperation off of me! He will offer to take me on vacation, “Anywhere you want to go” he says. He wants to take me shopping and buy me whatever my heart desires and when I have done enough rejecting of his advances and offers he then proceeds to tell me that he will pay me to text with him!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! YUCK! He either never has sex or has a small dick/whack personality and has to compensate with his money.

Ms. Red-bottoms: 

She is between the ages of 21 and 30 (35 depending on the amount of plastic surgery she has had). She usually has huge fake tits and possible ass injections. Botox is a must and let’s be honest those lips aren’t real either. From what I have seen in Vegas she is usually bleach blonde but there are brunettes also and the occasional red-head. She works old men (Mr. Money-bags) for money and shoes. When the time comes to fuck him she either bounces or the money is so good she sticks around. He is not the only man her is harem believe me. She is working at least 3 others at the same time. If this girl is content with just enough then she will move from one to the next once they really push the sex factor but if she is looking to be taken care of then she will eventually give up and suck some dick or go for the gold and fuck them altogether.

Things to watch out for:

  • When you give He/She your phone number and you receive a text 5 minutes later saying “What’s up?”
  • He/She texts you 3 hours later saying “I miss you.”
  • He/She compliments you to the point where its creepy instead of flattering.
  • He/She invites himself over or out with you.
  • He/She tells you he really likes you after less than a week of knowing you.
  • He/She tells you he would treat you like a queen after only having met him once.

I see these people out everywhere I go. They aren’t bad people they just have different priorities. No judgement here. Live your life how you please, IT IS YOUR LIFE…….but for those of us who don’t live that life and don’t want to  be pestered with its inhabitants here is the solution. If you have one of these types on your hands, introduce them to their counterpart. Give your Ms. Red-bottoms to a Mr. Money-bags that you know and hope for the best.


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