Money 1st and Good Looks 2nd

Let’s be real, women these days have the world literally by the balls. Its mainly because of what having the company of a beautiful woman suggests about that man’s social status. A beautiful woman renders men panting puppies whose wallets spew money in endless amounts. Without lifting a finger and with just a few choice words women these days get to lead lives that most people only fantasize about.

For men there are obvious advantages to dating a beautiful woman. It’s a big self-esteem boost, increases social standing among other men and makes that man look even more attractive to other women. If you have ever watched the 80’s movie “Cant Buy Me Love” you would know that the lure of other people thinking you are dating the hot or popular girl, is all the perks that come with that. For those of you not born in the 80’s I can reference the movie “Easy A” LOL Guys paid her to say that she fucked them in order to give them clout in school. She was hot and they hit it.

Now Im not saying that really hot women are without their flaws. They have a tendency to be self-absorbed, self-centered and shallow, not to mention that many of them think their vaginas are more valuable than platinum. All of this aside beautiful women are still what men look for and because of this, attractive women can afford to be selective. They have their pick and this luxury will usually land them a guy with money first and good looks second.

The key to success in dating a beautiful woman is to be original. She has heard it all so in order to get and keep her attention you have to stand out from the masses of men texting and calling her.

Treat her like you would someone you aren’t attracted to:

Talk to her like you would anyone else. Don’t act amazed by her beauty or intimidated by her confidence. If anything its almost best to act aloof or indifferent and whatever you do don’t praise her. A “You look nice” here and there is ok but crawling up her ass with how hot she is every 5 minutes gets annoying and she has heard it a million times before.

Save the lines for a theme park:

When you see a hot woman, DONT HIT ON HER! Instead try almost ignoring her. Believe me you will throw her for a loop. You are probably the only guy in a 50 mile radius who isn’t drooling over her and this will bug her. Even better be open to others around you and not her, she wont get it and if you are lucky she will be intrigued.

Take it back to the sandbox:

Try teasing her a little bit. Women smell insecurity a mile away. We can sense when you are weak and it wont play in your favor. We just like men love a challenge. Boyish charm will get you a long way, so tease her a little and take it back to middle school. All of our lives we have been trained that if he is mean to you he likes you LOL so keep it light and carefree.

Show interest in her brain instead of her breasts:

Let’s be honest, she knows what she looks like and she knows you do as well. Deep down a pretty girl wants to be recognized for something other than her looks while at the same time wanting you to still remember that she is hot. Play on that! Stimulate her mind and show interest in her passions. Find out what she likes and who she really is. Most guys wont do that because they either dont care or they are blinded by her beauty. Be different!

Make her want you:

Its no secret men want sex like women want a really cute pair of heels. So if you are smart you will make her want you. Make her be the one to push for sex. Dont be like every other guy she has met who ttys to get in her pants day one. Believe me if you dont try she will wonder why and eventually roles will be reversed. She will pursue the dick instead of the opposite.

He likes me, he likes me not:

Keep her on her toes and guessing constantly. Be aloof and run a little hot and cold. You have to be different than the masses of men that fall at her feet! You want to maker her be the one initiating contact because you are just so different from any other guy that she has met. Don’t be a pussy! The second she sees weakness or thinks she has the control it is game over. She is now bored and onto the next.

I am not saying that I agree with society’s perpetuation of beauty and what it buys you in this world, I am only trying to help you navigate the maze. If more people had the tools to get around the beauty factor and down to the important things then maybe relationships would be based on solid factors and last longer.


One response to “Money 1st and Good Looks 2nd

  1. Guys… if you are looking for a woman like the one described here, good luck. She will leave you for the first guy that has more money than you. So if you are looking for more than a play thing or a trophy, you are better off looking for a little more on the inside. It’s ok to look for a beautiful woman, just make sure you are looking at what kind of person she is. Ask yourself, how does she treat the people around her? How does she treat the wait staff? How does she talk about others? If you are getting a negative impression, you better not get too attached. Girls… Be careful what you think beauty alone is getting you. Men who want trophies will treat you as just that, another thing they bought and paid for, much like the chair or the artwork on the wall. This man will expect to get his moneys worth, so be prepared to keep up with his unrealistic expectations for as long as you can. Don’t dare have a problem or turn into a real person on him. You are better off educating yourself and having more to offer than looks when a real man comes along, because he will be paying attention.

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