It’s not Cheating it’s just BAD FORM


So a friend turned me onto this video today. In the video this girl got caught up between two guys. She was apparently sleeping two friends and playing both of them. She was NOT in a committed relationship with either of them but the question posed was; Is it cheating? In my opinion, NO! It is not technically cheating but it is bad form.

There is a consistent theme in all of my stories and or advice. Keep it honest people! If you are always honest and upfront, there is no room for conflict. I have a personal rule about double dipping in the friend pool. I didn’t always have that rule but as a result of some bad teenage decision making I learned it just never ends well. You don’t date or sleep with friends or siblings lol. (That’s a story for another time) Not everyone has to follow that rule. You can have your own set of boundaries, it is simply my suggestion. I have actually seen it happen a lot, more with guys than girls. You see guys fuck 2 friends thinking they wont get caught. Please you dumb fuck! Girls talk, thats what we do……all the time. A guy is more likely to get caught fucking two girlfriends that a girl is fucking two guys.

If you are going to have sex with two friends at the same time you need to be open and honest with both of them. Its when you lie and try to play on their feelings, you end up with 2 very pissed off people. I mean if you haven’t seen the movie “Savages” you should. It is the strangest version of a relationship to me but it worked for them in the movie because they were all on the same page. Moral of the story: “Keep it 100!”


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