Before ass injections, cheek implants, and diet pills there were beautiful women who rested on their laurels. I cant say too much because I have breast implants but I also dont try to claim my tits are real like most women these days telling everyone they are all natural.


4 responses to “Marilyn

  1. So your tits are implanted? Do you have a real ass? Do you like that guys like your breast big or natural?

  2. I think youre the most down-to-earth natural girl ever. your posts always make me laugh. you should do a blog where people can ask you questions– im curious just to know random things about you, nothing dirty or anything haha so if youre up for it feel free to answer some of mine and maybe you can turn it into a blog or somethin
    1- any siblings? ages?
    2- favourite place to vacation?
    3- favorite color?
    4- any pets? their names? got a favorite?
    5- guilty music pleasure?
    6-what kind of car do you drive? what was your first car?
    7- favorite tv show?
    8-what was the worst job you ever had?
    haha ok ill stop. i could go on forever..really wanna hear some random things about you:) have a nice day! and keep writing- youre intelligent, beautiful and hella funny

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