Did You Just Send Me A Picture Of Your Dick?!?!?!?


Its been 5 fucking minutes since you gave him your number and you already have a picture of his dick. I know, disgusting right?!?! For real though guys what are you thinking? Is that your way of letting us know you want to fuck? Like we don’t already know that? You are built to eat, sleep and fuck, we get it.

Ladies, do you ever notice how its always at some awkward upward angle, so they can showcase how far up their stomach it goes. As if we need help seeing how big or small it is? Well news flash guys, yes size does matter but not if you don’t know how to use it. No amount of girth or length is going to rescue you from your own shitty rhythm, so sending us a picture of your dick right off the bat is only going to turn us off. Now thats not to say there aren’t exceptions to the dick picture thing. I love a picture of a dick that I have had inside me, or if I ask for it. If I’m still sleeping with you then feel free, but to just assault my eyes with a random ass picture of you 6inch wonder is just not cool.

Why do you guys do that? I really don’t understand it at all. Women are not visual the way men are. Its tantamount to a visual assault when you send pictures like that with absolutely no provocation. I had it happen to me recently. I gave my number out to this guy as I usually do when its asked for nicely. The very same night I am out at the club, drinking, dancing and having a grand ole time. I look down at my phone to see a text from a number I didn’t know. I open it up to see this pathetic excuse for a dick. At first I was totally grossed out, then I laughed. I mean seriously was that supposed to impress me? It was sad and crooked. LOL Not exactly what I would look forward to having sex with. That guy is lucky I didn’t completely put him on blast by posting it on the internet, but I didn’t want to subject anyone else to that kind of horror. The moral of the story guys is that there is almost never an occasion where we look forward to seeing your dick pop up on our phone 5 min after meeting you. Keep this in mind for the future when you meet a girl out. Just say NO!


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