Liar Liar, Pants on…..Bitch be Honest!


I have never personally been a liar, thats not say I haven’t lied once or twice in my adult life but I don’t exactly consider myself a liar. The times I have lied as an adult were mainly lies that I told to my mother. What I want to talk about is when men and women lie to each other and the psychology behind it. I have had experiences myself and many many experiences from my friends that have led to me write about this subject. It is plain and simple, people lie for 2 reasons in my opinion: They lie to get or keep what they want and they lie out of fear, usually fear of loss. Don’t get it twisted now, just because I am explaining the reasons people lie, that DOES NOT mean I am excusing it by any means. Man the fuck up and speak the truth!

Lying For Personal Gain:

Men and women do this shit all of the time! They lie about their status, their job, their interests. They lie about liking football or being accepting of someone’s friends. They act like they like your family or the way you dress on your down time. They put on a shit ton of makeup or what I have heard of recently, they are a “build-a-bitch.” They are a chick that has so much extra going on that they don’t even look like old pictures of themselves. That shit goes for guys too! People lie these days for so many reasons but the base motivation that Im talking about is personal gain.

Recently my girl was complaining about her ex and trying to figure out why he would want her to be his girlfriend but would go behind her back and want to fuck other girls. I swear I wanted to smack her when she asked, “Why would he lie to me about it though? I just don’t understand.” My response was, “Bitch because he wanted to keep your ass! DUH!” I love her but that was probably the dumbest question I have ever heard. Common sense please! If a man or woman lies about cheating or doing something that they know you wont approve of its because they FEAR that they will loose you but they still want to do what they want to do. Its that simple!

Just because I am explaining the motives for lying does not mean I am saying its ok. Stop being such a pussy! I have a motto that I live by, “You only live this life once. Never be sorry for who you are or what you want.” I pretty much never lie to a man. I am ALWAYS honest and forthright even when it isn’t solicited mainly because I have nothing to fear. If you don’t like me, ALL OF ME, then you are going to be in for a huge headache later and so am I. I am not so desperate for a fucking companion and company that I am willing to lie to get or keep someone. Its bullshit! Take stock of your own life, who you are and how you live. Only when you are comfortable with you, will being honest become easy. There is no excuse for not evolving.


2 responses to “Liar Liar, Pants on…..Bitch be Honest!

  1. annibloggt

    thank you for this post, just what I needed!

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