Chivalry……Lost But NOT Dead


I have touched on this subject a little bit in a previous blog but I really wanted to dive deeper into it now because recently I had a guy open my door for me as we were leaving a club. I loved it and woke up the next day trying to recall when the last time a man made the effort to be chivalrous. I understand in today’s world that the feminist movement has brought us to a place of equality of the sexes where men can be confused on how to treat a woman. It is important to treat a a girl as a lady and remember that just because she is as capable as a man doesn’t mean she has a winging dick between her legs.

In such a strange time in history, a little bit of chivalry will go a VERY long way with the ladies. Remembering a few chivalrous actions here and there will set you leaps and bounds apart from the douche who is constantly trying to touch her ass or go dutch on the bill. (Im not saying that every dinner and movie bill is on your tab for the rest of time but while you are courting a woman try to impress a little.) There is nothing better than a man that takes the time to consider impressing the woman he is on a date with by being chivalrous in an appropriate way. Treat her like a queen and she will make you her king.

Cold Outside?

Is it cold outside? If it is and she happens to not have a coat with her then do the right thing guys. Offer her your coat! I have had this happen many times with me and it took a few times before I accepted it because I felt weak doing so. You might have to force the issue a couple times, or better yet don’t ask her if she wants your jacket just take it off and put it around her shoulders. Believe me, even if she may not feel 100% comfortable with it at first, or it seems old fashioned, she will remember it and it will factor into how she feels about you.

Sidewalk Love…… 

I know this one is going to sound a little crazy for those of you guys who are less familiar with old school chivalry, but a discerning girl will recognize and appreciate it even if she cant put her finger on what you are doing. When I was younger most of the guys I grew up with were sumbags to the 10th degree but when a girl deserved respect they treated her with it and this is were I learned about sidewalk etiquette. When walking down the street with a girl, always walk on the outside of the sidewalk. It provides her with a sense of security by protecting her form traffic. I know it sounds nuts but I have noticed when a guy makes the effort to put himself between possible danger and myself. Its sweet.

Opening Doors

This is a HUGE fucking problem these days and for shit’s sake its the easiest to remember! I mean above all else a woman will recognize a man who opens the door for her. Whether it be the car door or a door at a restaurant etc. she will take note. It is MAJOR points for you and will get you even further with her than your good looks. I as a woman hold doors for anyone coming after me, especially the elderly so if I can do it then you can as well.

Hey What’s up?! This is……..

This is an important one. I know guys sometimes get hesitant with introducing girls because they don’t want to give the girl a title they aren’t ready for yet, or then just plain don’t want to go public with a girl but guys its not about any of that. it is a respect thing. No one wants to feel unimportant or ignored. It is simply rude to not introduce the girl you are with to friends or new people. Im not saying you must set up some kind of dinner party or anything but what I am saying is if you run into friends or someone you know, don’t say hi and neglect to introduce your date. Thats just COMMON SENSE!

On a closing note, men these days like I have said before have a tendency to use the feminist movement as some kind of bullshit excuse to forgo acting like gentlemen. How the fuck did your mother raise you? Just because women are capable of taking care of themselves does not mean that you shouldn’t take the role of the leader and show a little chivalry. If you want to be like “The rest of them” then act like a douche, be a little boy and treat your girl like she is supposed to be your mommy, but if you would like to set yourself apart from the pack, be a gentlemen and employ some chivalry. Its that simple. Oh and dont try to split the damn bill with a girl, its just fucking cheap.


4 responses to “Chivalry……Lost But NOT Dead

  1. Opening doors for a gal and expecting her to take note of that? Most of the girls call such boys boring here(in my country), though I am quite chivalrous by nature. Chivalry is dead, and these girls have killed it!

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