Another “Bitch Please!” Moment Brought To You By………


Shout out to all the dudes and females out there that try to pull dumb shit on the person they are in a relationship with. Don’t think you are being slick just because you never announced you relationship status. You can’t just cross your fingers in the hopes you wont get caught lying. DUMB!

So I had a friend recently who was going through a breakup and when I asked him why they broke up he responded with telling me that they were never really together and she was getting jealous and freaking out on him in public. She even got physical once at a club in front of people they know. Now my immediate response was good for him, dump the chick she sounds dysfunctional. Then he came out with this dumb ass statement, “Well we were never really together, I mean we never had the conversation.” This was after he just got done explaining to me how he had to move out and find a new place to live. I was like hold the fucking phone!!!! What do u mean? You were living together and fucking and people knew you were together but according to you she doesn’t have the right to act like a jealous girlfriend because you never had the conversation that declares you two boyfriend/girlfriend? This is that “Bitch Please” moment. I wanted to smack him upside his head lol.

Here is the bottom line, if you are living with a girl (this goes both ways for girls and guys) and you are having sex with her, THERE IS NO CONVERSATION NEEDED! Don’t get mad when a girl acts like your girlfriend when you treat her like your girlfriend. You cant play house then trip out when playing becomes the real thing. I mean this seems like common sense but apparently it isn’t so Im having to state the obvious. This is a situation where actions do speak louder than words.


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