Oh It’s Like That?????


I know that based on a previous post this is going to sound a little contradictory but it has recently been brought to my attention that it is a problem. I am a full on advocate of keeping it sexy by sending hot pictures to the guy you are dating HOWEVER this does not translate well to some girls I guess lol. When i say guy you are dating what I don’t mean is that you meet a guy you think is hot, speak to him for 5 min, maybe even hang out and dance and then within a day they have text messages with pictures of your tits and ass. THAT IS NOT SEXY, its trashy. Now ladies this is not me judging this is coming straight from the men.

They call it being “thirsty.” It’s unfortunate because you probably had their attention from the jump. They saw you, thought you were attractive which is why they were kickin it with you in the first place. You guys exchange numbers and part ways. Then the “DUMBASS-NESS” sets in. You do too much. You send a half naked picture of yourself to him and whether its that night or 2 days later he just went from thinking, “This chick is cool” to “Oh it’s like that?” You fucked it up. You just took it too far too soon. Now he knows he can fuck you right off the bat without commitment and that is all you will ever be.

Ladies if you are looking for a booty call, act like one. Its all good! There is nothing wrong with sending a pic like that if all you are looking for is a one-time or something casual fuck. But if you want a continuing or lasting connect with a guy then don’t act temporary. For fuck’s sake you can’t act like a hoe then get mad when you are treated as one. Not all women who fuck them and leave them are hoes, thats called equality amongst the sexes lol, but if you are desperate and use sex as a way to get and or keep attention you are a HOE! Men are not idiots even tho at times that can act as such. They do have brains and depending on the stage in their life they are in, they will not only respond to a girl who uses her brain to connect, but they are looking for it!!!!

If all you have to offer is sex, you won’t last much longer than the amount of time it takes him to get you into bed and then kick you out. I will say it again don’t act temporary if you don’t want to be temporary!


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