Don’t Be “That Guy”


Since I am on the subject of text messaging…

With women just like with men there is an etiquette to texting. There are a few Do’s and Dont’s when texting a girl:

  1. Meaningless Texts: When you send a girl a text that is very clearly not thought through it means next to nothing to us. Apart from being excited that you are making effort to reach out, you haven’t exactly expanded on our image of you. Sending a text like, “What’s up?” or “How are you doing?” is easy. Try adding a little personality to your text or make it a little less impersonal.
  2. Stand Out & Be Original: Remember that if you think that this girl is hot, it is likely that so do many other guys which means you are probably not the only guy texting her. She is more than likely getting a hundred text messages a week from different guys. You have to stand out! Don’t annoy her but be original. Be funny! Girls remember funny. A good example is “Stop thinking about me.” LOL Be cute and make it a little more original then “Hey” and for fuck’s sake don’t just send a damn 🙂 face.
  3. Keep It Light: One thing I like most girls find especially annoying is 20 questions. Us girls don’t like to feel like we are reciting our resume through text. The conversation should be light and flirty. It shouldn’t feel like you are forcing us to keep the conversation going it should just flow.
  4. Cat & Mouse: We all say that we hate game playing but the bottom line is we still respond to it, guys and girls alike. So keep that in mind when texting a girl. Respond quickly a couple of times then go about your day. Im not saying let 5 hours pass but give it a little time every once in a while. No one wants something easily had. Staying unpredictable and mysterious will be part of your over all appeal. Its best to keep a girl guessing a little bit.

All that being said once you get to the time when its appropriate to sext message let me just say this for now, men are visual creatures which is why they respond so well to porn. So receiving a picture of you hard dick is probably not going to do it for her. At least not by itself. Throw in some thoughtful words or descriptions of what you would like to do with that hard dick of yours. I know it sounds like work but think of it this way. We work too, usually on our knees lol


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