Let Me Spoil You


I dont want to hear any more bitching from you men about gold diggers. I know at some point in your childhood I know you heard the story about the mouse and the cookie. There are two types of men I have run into since relocating to Las Vegas. Im not saying they don’t exist elsewhere but it seems to run ramp-et here. There is the man who blatantly comes right out with it. He literally states, “Let me spoil you.” He is usually the older guy with an affinity for younger girls and a pathetic need to be adored, admired and appreciated for the one thing he has to offer, money. Then there is the guy who very clearly has money, likes to spend it and likes it to be known. He wears big diamond watches and drives an obnoxious car. He walks around in a ton of labels and carries a lot of cash or flashes that black card. The latter is usually the one who is complaining about the girls who only want them for their money. They are the ones I like to smack in the fucking face with a little reality.

First off the old man who likes to spoil a girl is usually under the clear impression that they are going to spend obscene amounts of money on a young girl with the expectation that eventually she is going to fuck him. Now the girl on the other hand knows that she is going to push that envelope as far as she can. She will set boundaries and avoid situations where he can make a move. She is going to avoid sex at all costs! They will go to expensive dinners, nice vacations and on shopping sprees. She will probably be able to go at least a couple months before he starts to get frustrated with her holding out. Then the inevitable……..He wants pussy and she isn’t giving it up. LOL So onto the next old guy who is dumb enough to fall for this act.  Its his own fault.

Now my favorite, the second guy. This guy is the biggest ass in my opinion. He is like the dumb chic who walks around with her huge tits out, her makeup and hair to the nines, hanging out with old men asking why everyone thinks she is a hooker lol. Dumbass! I dont want to hear ur bitching anymore guys. You wear your big ass obnoxious diamond watches, your Louis Vuitton t-shirt, your Louboutin kicks and a shinny chain and its all like a big fucking sign that says, “I have money please see my zipper for applications.” LOL Its your own fault. You cant ask for a chic who looks like a 10 and then get mad when that same girl wants you to spend. (I wasn’t trying to rhyme there I swear lol) I am not saying that all girls who look like 10’s are also gold diggers but I will say that if she has some red bottoms on, and is rocking labels head to toe but doesn’t have a job that matches the money she is wearing, chances are there was a dude before you that bought it and you are next. Or she has family money either way she is high maintenance and you asked for it.

On a closing note you get what you ask for. There is always a trade off when a girl is beautiful. There are exceptions to this rule but for the most part if she looks high-maintanance then she probably is. If you like it and you are asking for it then don’t bitch about it.


2 responses to “Let Me Spoil You

  1. What about guys who don’t wear any of that label material clothing…They’re just normal and outsiders, and they are not gold diggers. Would you ever go out with a guy that’s just himself and not all about the trend?

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