Big Dick Problems


I know what you are thinking……..A BIG DICK IS NEVER A PROBLEM! Lol But you would be wrong. Sometimes guys, it is a problem. I have never met a girl who would object to the added friction of a big dick but I have met plenty who complained that if it is too big it is no bueno. On average the length of space you have to work with is 6 inches. Anything more than that and you have to get creative.I have had wonderful penis karma as I like to call it. I haven’t really come into contact with many small dicks. I mean we have all had at least one or 2 in our lives. Myself I have had about 2, unfortunately for most women they have had many more lol. Thank god for my good karma! Now I am not saying that a big dick = great sex but it helps.

There are some ways to alleviate the pain that can come with certain positions

  1. Use a lot of lube!!!! Even if a girl is normally or even extra wet eventually the sporadic pain that comes from a big dick will affect her and she could dry out. The lube will lessen the friction which can keep your sex marathon going the distance. (stick to water or silicone based not oil based)
  2. Avoid Anal/Doggy/or her on Top. Anal sex is usually a no go with a big dick. That particular hole is not as elastic as a vagina. A vagina is meant to have things going in an out of it so it is prepared to expand and contract. Anal sex is most likely going to be VERY painful. Doggy style is specifically meant for deeper penetration. Its perfect for the small dick crew lol. You can feel more and they can feel more manly! I love doggy-style so Ill push my boundaries for a big dick in that position you just have to be a little more gentle. As far as being on top, no girl likes to feel a dick in her ribs. It feels like we are choking on your dick from the inside. It sounds awesome but its not lol. Reverse Cowgirl helps with that. It creates a little barrier in my experience.
  3. Take your time: If you have a big dick you cant jump in thrashing around like a bull in a china shop. Go slow and have some damn patience. That is all.

7 responses to “Big Dick Problems

  1. samssocial

    Nice tips dude

  2. You have provided some excellent tips. 🙂 All the woman I’ve dated have said that my dick is too big for them. Some liked and some didn’t because how big it was. But this is good guidence. 🙂 So you’ve experienced small cocks too? How was that like? What about average cock? Is that acceptable to you? Or a no go.

  3. lol so true. i wish soly would read this about the anal part!

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