Best Friend not ur Best Girlfriend


I get it ladies I do. You want to date your best friend. You want the man you love to be your homie so to speak. Its completely understandable. Here is the snag in the theory that every relationship should be based on a friendship. Those of you who don’t understand or take into consideration that your man is not a woman. There are things he doesn’t want to know about, things you can tell your girlfriends because you don’t have sex with any of them.

Things they don’t want to hear about include:

  • If you are feeling fat or insecure (men are attracted to confidence)
  • Your period! (unless its to let em know they can breathe a sigh of relief )
  • Some girl you don’t like and how she is a slut
  • Gossip about relationship drama or really any gossip in general

None of the above stated topics are things you want to walk to your man about. Keep those kinds of things to the ladies. I have had so many of my friends tell me about how they want their man to be their best friend and if thats the case then they should be able to talk to them about anything. Im not saying that is completely wrong. You should be able to talk to your man but please remember one key word, MAN. He is not a woman. He has no interest in your bodily functions unless its an orgasm. He doesn’t care about some girl being a whore unless its one of his friends wives or girlfirends. He could care less about whether you feel fat or you have jealousy issues because its a turn off. A major fucking turn off. And lets be real the likelihood that you too are both going to be into “Gossip Girl” is slim. Find common ground tat you both have and focus on that because anything else is going to turn him off and most likely divert his attention else where in the long run.

Think about it this way ladies; Do you want to hear about his sweaty ass from the gym, or his newest video game obsession? Or better yet how hot is it when he talks about his gas or morning shits? Oh what about the basketball score???? Do you care yet? LOL (Football is different because who doesn’t love football?!?!?! lol) There are so many topics that should just be kept separate between the sexes so find the ones that you BOTH find interesting. Otherwise you might find yourself at an impasse with a decision to make that will leave you single. 


10 responses to “Best Friend not ur Best Girlfriend

  1. Interesting topic.

    Does this also include: Relationships? Are these ideas of yours from experiences?

    ~Charlie Zero

    • Yes they are from my experience and that of my friends and people I have spoken to. I feel like it happens to often that women become perplexed and frustrated with why they aren’t connecting with their sig other. So I try to explain ways to fix that. And they usually work.

  2. P.S I saw some of your pictures on (Modelmayhem). You look really cute by the way.

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