Spoon full of Sugar

I know what you are thinking…..”What if I end up on the internet??” Well thats just a risk you might have to take in order to keep things fresh! Im not a shy girl by any means so if  by some reason I made the mistake of dating a guy who was secretly a Douche and posted my pictures on the internet well then I have learned a valuable lesson. Don’t date Douche Bags!!!

I like to encourage freedom of body and spirit when it comes to both men and women. Believe it or not guys, us ladies like to receive pictures as well. Don’t go getting all crazy and stalk us with dick pics but please feel free to send one every once in a while. You guys don’t get to have all the fun!!!

Girls you are beautiful! Except it! If you are dating someone, the the case is that most likely he has already seen you naked and likes it. It is nice of you to remind him every once in a while what you are working with. Don’t become his Madonna 24/7, be his Whore here and there. Believe me he will be all the more hot for you.

The one thing I have heard from most guys is that their relationships lack spontaneity. Things get dry and boring and in turn they look elsewhere. There is no reason you cant keep things fun and light by appealing the one thing which most guys respond to. SEX……ill say it again SEX!!!! Same things go for you men……except with women add a little, “I miss you” or “Thinking of you” to your picture. Maybe even a “Can’t wait to see you later.” We like to feel wanted just as much as you do.





10 responses to “Spoon full of Sugar

  1. Excellent writing…:) You have an interesting life and a way of expressing yourself.

    So what kind of blogs are you into?

  2. Say, if you have free time on your hands check out my new blog.

    God hates condoms


  3. Well now isn’t this a pleasant surprise? I came here to see who happened to follow my blog, and I’m delighted to see this post as my greeting. Delicious, delectable and perhaps a tad dangerous. Highly sexy. I’d love to use one of your pics sometime to illustrate one of my stories. I think that would be an explosive combination. 😉

    • Absolutely! Thank you I loved ur blog and thanx for checking out mine. I tend to push the envelope a bit but I am a firm believer that if we all just get out of our own way sexually we would be a lot happier lol. I look forward to more of ur posts.

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