It’s Not You, It’s The Idea of You

So this topic is near top of my list of my “Told ya so” situations.When someone comes on too hot too fast it’s a neon red fucking sign that they are more into the idea of you than they are into who you actually are.

It seems to be one of the plagues of our generation. More often than not that people “fall in love” in 5 minutes and just as quickly burn out. The recipient is so enamored with the attention that they completely ignore the facts. The starving for love factor.

Newsflash!!!! They don’t know anything about you. They don’t know your bad habits, I mean you could be a raging drug addict or psychotically insecure and jealous for all they know; A kleptomaniac or something as simple as a really messy person could be hiding behind that nice body and pretty face. Who knows?!?!?

I have a running method of interaction that has always worked for me. First and foremost always be EXACTLY who you from the best of you to your worst aspects. Good bad or indifferent you cant go wrong by being honest. Put it all out there all of the time. If they can’t handle you now then they wont like you later.

Whenever people give the shit ass advice, “Give yourself in small doses” It takes everything in me not to haul off and smack the shit out of them. NEVER EVER hamper who you are for fear that you won’t be liked or loved. You won’t get anywhere being a liar. When you meet someone be you all the way.

That being said, don’t ever trust someone when they are all about you all the time immediately. It says more about them than it does you. They are most likely looking for something and pinning their hopes on you, they are probably in love with the idea of love which means one misstep on your part and they no longer “love” you. If I really have to point out that it was never love in the first place then there is something wrong with you as well lol

Its not you, it’s the idea of you.


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