A lil trip into just another story of Generation Y brought to you eloquently by my “East Coast Lover”

Hot Child in Da City

“I’m NOT drunk, I’m just extra tipsy bitch!” My coined phrase I ALWAYS yelled when I was wasted! Along with my toast, “cheers to making bad decisions,” it  was obvious that I was a hot fucking mess. Now I know I said this blog was about my love life. It still is kids cause I loved me some alcohol and drugs. Tequila shots, pbr’s and redbull vodka’s, yes one after the other in the same night, led to many rebellious times. My fav drug of choice was that good ol’ white girl. I was the queen of dancing wild on any surface I could balance on in heels. The girl who was always looking for an after hours party. The girl who lost her shoes and her morals but… eventually got them back.


I started drinking at 12. I would sneak rum and vodka in water bottles and bring…

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