Buss Pass & Busted

In the words of Dr. Dre, “What happened to just fallin in love with a ni**a with a bus pass?” There are only 2 times when it is acceptable to not have a means of transportation. One is that you live in a city where it’s unnecessary or if it’s a lifestyle choice and you go green hard! Other than that you are just a scrub.

Women look for a few things in a man the same way men look immediately at a few things on a woman. If he has no car, he might not have a job, there is a possibility that he lives at home with the rents, or he is lacking in priorities.

For example this evening I was hanging out with a couple friends, my girl and 2 guys. Now these 2 guys couldn’t be at 2 opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is 24 years old, we will call him James. The second is 25, will call him Brian. Now James is a valet guy (nothing wrong with that at all) and the second, well we can just call him an entrepreneur. James has no car, instead has a bus pass and in his words, “Friends that will drive me around.” Brian has multiple cars, the most recent of which is a brand new BMW. No, neither of them comes from family money either.

So we are sitting there on the couch tonight and James has the nerve to tell us how excited he is about tomorrow because he is buying new equipment. (He is a DJ : / ) I couldn’t help but laugh. 🙂 My next line of questioning caught him completely off guard. I don’t think he was expecting to be called out. So I say to him, “How much is the equipment, expensive?” He answered, “Yes, kinda.” I then followed with, “So why the hell wouldn’t you use that money to buy a car instead so u aren’t taking the bus anymore?” He looked a little stunned and came back with, “I only go back and forth to work so it’s not that bad, plus I have friends with cars.” Are you fucking kidding me?!?!? I have friends is his response???? Yeah cuz Im sure they totally love driving his ass around everywhere! So I told him how dumb he sounded, he was 24 years old and he needed to get his priorities straight and lease a car as well as build his credit by opening a credit card and using that to buy his equipment. This kid is outside of his fucking mind!

So here in lies the lesson ladies. If he doesn’t have a car and is content taking the buss back and forth he priorities are fucking wacked! If he instead chooses to spend his money frivolously on unnecessary shit then he is irresponsible and most likely looking for a mom type chick who will wear the pants in the relationship. He is content remaining a boy instead of becoming a man. He is the equivalent of a chick who has $900 shoes and $1500 bags but a Honda Civic circa 1992. PRIORITIES!!!!! Eventually ladies u will end up paying for everything and soon after he will be asking to borrow money. Take it from me, put your foot down now and walk away. There are only so many red flags that can pop up before u start seeing red.


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