Rejection…….Deal With It!

Rejection is a part of life. We all experience at some point…..and then sporadically over the span of your life. If you deal with it in a healthy way, head on, you will come out the better for it and it won’t affect your future interactions.

Speaking from personal experience rejection is a bitch! It feels like shit and for someone like myself who isn’t used to it, it’s like the equivalent of him slipping it into your ass for the first time without warning……. IT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD! And you feel a lil embarrassed afterwards lol The best way to deal with the fear of rejection is to face it head on. So that’s exactly what I did. I mean I can’t very well suggest one thing but be to afraid to follow my own advice.

I noticed this guy on Halloween immediately because of his height. (I have a thing for the taller ones) I came across him on Facebook as a suggestion of “People you may know” the next day and added him. Over the next weekend, my birthday weekend I would run into him a couple of times where flirting ensued. After a couple of days I started to think to myself “Why hasn’t he asked me to hang out?” So I decided, fuck it ill ask him. Right away I felt fear wash over me…….is this what guys feel when they hit on girls??? I have a new appreciation for their plight. Anyway I digress….I text him asking if he wants to hang out, specifically see a movie or something. His response was that ironically enough he already had a “dinner/movie date” and was sorry. Ouch! Yeah I said it, ouch! I mean did he really have to be that honest? He couldn’t have just said, “Sorry I have plans.” Well I was shooting the shit with my girl and came to the conclusion that you can’t ask for honesty and then get pissy when you get it. He was right to be so blunt. I’m always complaining that people aren’t truthful enough. Well I got what I wished for.

Here is the bottom line ladies and gents. Rejection is a part of life, DEAL WITH IT and deal with it head on. Take a note from me, and go in head on and take a note from this guy, honesty is best because now I have moved on from that idea and I’m onto the next. You can’t be so afraid of the momentary pain of rejection that you refuse to go for anything, ever. It’s not healthy and if you don’t try you will never know. One of my fav quotes: “Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out.”


2 responses to “Rejection…….Deal With It!

  1. ‘you can’t ask for honesty and then get pissy when you get it. ‘….well said!

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