One Night Stand……Happily Ever After?????


Ok this can go one of two ways ladies but any way you slice it, your decision to have sex and how soon you have it should be based on what you want and not what you think they want. It comes down to sense of self. As long as you stay true to who you are and what you desire, you cant go wrong. It will either be happily ever after or just a one night stand……..but most likely the latter.

I call our generation  the “Shack-Up” generation. We don’t date and men don’t court women anymore. We have sex almost immediately and then spend most of our time together. We shack-up going from 0-60 right away. So the best way to counteract the adverse effects of that behavior is to take things as they come. Just go with it. No pressure and no expectations that cause stress and eventually end the arrangement.  Here is my rule: If you have sex with him right away expect that nothing will come of it because 7 times out of 10 nothing will. Now if something does come of it then GREAT, good for you, be happy and enjoy it. I dont think thats a hard rule to live by.

So many of my girlfriends will meet a guy and within minutes they are evaluating whether or not they like him. If she likes him then she is going to have sex with him and now the question becomes when. Questions like “Will he respect me more if I make him wait?” or “does he really like me?” run through her head. Its inevitable that the decision on when to have sex will be filtered through a process called “What will he think?”. ITS BULLSHIT!!!! What he thinks does not matter!!!! You should be having sex with him because its what you want, bottom line. Ladies if he likes you, he likes you and having sex on day 1 or day 27 will not change how he feels. I have met many couples who have had sex day 1 and 2 years later they are still together and going strong.

On the flip side, you cannot go into what could possibly be a one night stand with thoughts of marriage and happily ever after. If I had a dime for every time one of my girlfriends had sex with a guy almost immediately with some crazy expectation that it was going to lead to something more serious, I would be a millionaire!!! Its nuts to me! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t subscribe to that archaic rule that you must make them wait 90 days etc. Us women like sex too and are completely capable to having it and moving on just the way men do. But you cant get upset or discouraged because you had sex with him and that was that. People come and go, interactions last or don’t, such is life. You’d do best remember that.


One response to “One Night Stand……Happily Ever After?????

  1. so very true. you either have chemistry or you do not. having sex on the first night will not either make or break a relationship.
    On the flip side – I can tell you men are just as guilty on this subject. She is a whore because she slept with me on the first night vs. I feel great that she was so into me that she slept with me on the first night.

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