Picking Up Girls


These days us girls live in a world where we almost expect men to be lacking in the masculinity department.  Its sad how feminine men have become. Between the waxing, tanning and facials men have stopped opening doors, paying the bill, and don’t bother to take the lead. So when they do it’s a big turn-on. There is nothing more intoxicating than testosterone. Get some!

Make The First Move & Know When To Do So.

Ok so when approaching a girl you need to know who you are going after. There is a time and place for everything. So that being said here are a few places that are inappropriate:

  • In her car on the road and she is more focused on driving and the idea of flirting with someone has not even crossed her mind so don’t hit on her. She will ignore you and most likely get annoyed.
  • While walking down the road don’t “holla” at her from your car. You look low rent and again she is annoyed.
  • While she is engrossed in conversation with her friends don’t walk over and interrupt. It’s rude. Bad manners are a turn off.
  • During any errand like activity go away!

Now There are exceptions to every rule. If she looks at you with inviting or interested eyes it means you have the green light. Go for it! She wants you to.

Do Your Due Diligence

Pay close attention cuz this one is a make or break. First what are you looking for? A one night stand or something a little more involved? Know your path before you approach her otherwise it could blow up in your face. If she does not signal you by looking at you she isn’t interested. The quickest way to get rejected is to walk up to a girl who has not even glanced at you once and try to talk to her. She will tell you no thank you faster than you can blink.

Evaluate your target. What is she wearing? Is she sitting or standing? Does she have her arms crossed? What is she drinking? Who is she with? All of these things are important. Every girl is telling a story you just have to take the time to read it. You wouldn’t go to a job interview unprepared would you? Im not saying hitting on a girl is like an interview but it pays off to be prepared. So take a look at her, don’t stalker stare like a weirdo across the room, evaluate discreetly. If she is with friends and looks really invested in their conversation, chances are you will get rejected before you even get to her. However if she is scanning the room that means she is open to conversation with other people and you have a chance.

Be Real or Be Gone 

Girls have a very fine tuned bullshit meter. When a guy is bullshitting us, bells and whistles go off in our heads followed by a nasty taste in our mouth and we don’t like it. Don’t approach a girl with a line or even worse an out right lie. She will know and you will immediately be deemed unworthy. I always hear guys complain about how once they are dating a girl, no more football with the boys, bye bye blow jobs and the sweat pants come out. You don’t like being tricked and neither do girls. False advertising is an offense that you can get sued for, keep that in mind when you put up a front while hitting on a girl. Be you whoever that is; anything else is a huge turn off.  As long as you are confident in who your are you can rest assured that at the least she will respect you. When you are not being authentic it is equivalent to lying and there is nothing a girl hates more than a liar. It says to her that you are weak. A guy who doesn’t know who they are has a tendency to be susceptible to the opinions of others, is usually easily swayed by those opinions and doesn’t stand their ground. They are more likely to cheat and lie. A guy who doesn’t know themselves is merely a boy, not yet gone through puberty. AND WE CAN SEE THAT……..

Golden Rule

Remember that for every one girl out there that doesn’t find you attractive there are ten more that will. So don’t get overly offended by a rejection, the shoe just doesn’t fit. Don’t argue with her, don’t call her a bitch or stuck up just because she doesn’t reciprocate your interest. Don’t go through the steps of mourning. Rejection is not a death. Just be a man and walk away. Its more becoming.


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  1. I enjoyed this a bunch, thanks:)

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