Dinning in & Eating out

I like to call it getting face lol but that’s just because guys get to call it getting head and something about the term “eating out” turns me off. But that is neither here nor there.

Here are some stats to bore you with before I get into the important and saucy details.

  • 50-60% of women will never have an orgasm via intercourse and will require clitoral stimulation to climax.
  • 30% of women will have a reliable orgasm with intercourse.
  • 10% of women will orgasm with intercourse and could possibly have sequential orgasms.
  • 5% of women have true multiple orgasms only through intercourse and these women typically find oral sex uncomfortable.

We are not as lucky as men lol we dont orgasm every time we have sex. Unlike men we dont have the luxury of sliding in and out and we are good. We need all kinds of other stimulation. I happen to be an exception to that rule. I love to have sex, get straight to the point but most women need extra stimulation. No im not only talking about kissing and touching them “down there.” Sometimes stimulation refers to dinner and a movie or good conversation. Most women are mentally and or emotionally motivated. It might just take some effort on your part but ill tell you this if you make her happy she will bend over backwards, forwards, contort herself and do whatever you want!

Ok now thats out of the way, so onto the oral presentation. Now I can only really give a general opinion because unfortunately all girls are different. Sorry guys its never going to be easy for you. First and foremost you have hands so please use them. Its not all about your tongue!  Also we like a little variety, think like a dancer. Move to the music. When your face is between her legs move your tongue to a flow and beat dont just do the same licking motion up and down over and over again. Dont be that guy on that dance floor who thrusts is dick into a girls ass and calls it dancing! You are what we avoid lol. Break it up every once in a while with a finger or a toy. Oh! and for the love of god dont bite! Sucking is good, nibbling is good but lay the fuck off the hard biting! Unless your girl is into it, thats a no no especially if she is pierced. I used to have a piercing and let me tell you, its not a chew toy. One last thing…..if you dont know where to be licking or applying pressure please take a look at e female anatomy chart. What you are looking for is that little bump that gets harder and harder the more you work………dont go to town on her inner thy and wonder why she is not responding. Just sayin…….

So guys unfortunately for you there is no stock set of actions that will get every woman off. We need variety! You need to find out what your girl likes.


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