Working hard or hardly working?


Alright ladies and gentlemen. This one is definitely geared towards both sexes. Im going to start with the ladies because how we act is important and how the men fix it is even more so, but to really appreciate the steps to fixing the problem you must first know the problem.

First and foremost ladies; I know most of us hate giving blowjobs. They are uncomfortable, messy, sometimes unhygienic, and then there is the whole gagging factor. Now for the inner fears, “Am i doing this right?” “Is he going to make fun of me behind my back because i did a bad job?” “Did i just use my teeth?” “Is he going to think I am a slut?” “Will he return the favor?” I understand there are a ton of things that go through your head once his penis is out and you are faced with the big (at least we all hope so lol) decision. Well let me just tell you write now that all of those thoughts going through your head are written all over your face and come out when you actually have his penis in your hands and mouth. THEY CAN SENSE IT! They know you don’t like doing it while you are and its a turn off. That is one of the biggest turn offs for men. Knowing you don’t like what you are doing while you are doing it will kill the mood. Most men want to feel like king of the castle. They want to feel as if they have the best penis ever and that it tastes like rainbows to you, thats how much you like them and in turn like to please them. It al relates to their ego and self esteem. Think about it in this way. How would you feel if they refused to go down on you or made a face (sometimes subconsciously) when the topic came up. You would be pissed! Or insulted right? This goes both ways. Sex in all forms is an exchange and should really be an even one. SO when you are giving a blowjob are you working hard or hardly working? They can tell the difference. I know I know it would be wonderful if there was something to help us girls like it a little more and maybe shorten the amount of time you have his penis in your mouth but here isnt…..yet. That is a whole other topic for another day though.

Alright men now its your turn. It is a known fact that our early sexual experiences are what shape our adult sex lives. So please take that into consideration. Be patient if a girl you are dating does not want to perform a blowjob. Women need a little bit of a connection and a lot a bit of comfortability to go to town on you and enjoy it. She needs to want to please which means she needs to like you or sometimes want you to like her lol. The psychology of a woman is vast and confusing! Also just a heads up there are two things most women DO NOT like. First off KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF OUR HEADS! That is the biggest no no. Unless she invites it, it’s unwanted. We don’t need you to fuck out faces or force it. Let us go at our own pace and enjoy it. Second, no girl wants to go down on you after the gym or a long day at work. You have been sweating all day ur hot and it doesn’t taste good. Give us a clean work space please! You wouldn’t want to go anywhere near us after a long day, please extend the same courtesy and jump in the shower really quick. Thank you!

Last point and I’m sure there are many more but I’m trying to keep it simple. Gagging? A lot of men love it when their penis hits the back of your throat. It’s the sound and the feeling. Remember ladies they grew up on porn…..gagging, slobber, the look on your face when it happens…’s what they fantasize about. On the same point men please remember that unless your girlfriend is actually a porn star, a everyday girl doesn’t perform blowjobs 20 times daily and gagging isn’t a normal act that we are used to. That’s it for now that’s all I’ve got!



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