The worst kind of heartbreak is the kind that is self inflicted


The worst kind of heartbreak is the kind that is self inflicted. It is one thing to carry a torch or to have high hopes. It is a whole other monster is to hold onto a dying or worse yet dead relationship. You are only hurting yourself; causing your own heartbreak. Any future relationship you have will be saddled with all of the issues that you carry from the hurt and disappointment of your last relationship. Its your fault and no one else’s. You stuck around and tortured yourself with an attachment to false hope. You are the one who left the milk in the refrigerator to long and then got sick from drinking it. Just a tip: once a relationship has hit its expiration date, its finished and it is best for you to recognize that sooner rather than later. You hear men complain a lot that women have baggage or issues and that they shouldn’t be punished for the mistakes of a girls ex. You know why they are right? Because women settle for “might.” This might work, this might have a chance. Women will hold onto anything and pour all of themselves into it if they see even just a glimmer of a chance that it “might” work. Men on the other hand don’t do that. They only make and effort when they know that their effort will yield a positive result. Which is precisely why men carry around less emotional relationship baggage than women. Ladies!!!!!! You need to go into every new relationship with a clear head and heart. It is not fair to punish your new man because of the shortcomings of your previous relationship. When and if this man fails you then you can react. If this failure looks like it could lead to future similar failures and points to a clear pattern of personality than you should end the tie immediately. Don’t break your own heart by holding onto poison.


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